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Hi! This is Qela — your tool to make a lasting impact on your community or organization. With this app, you will be able to participate in your movement’s life and influence the way it’s heading. We think that supporters and volunteers are an integral part of any civic initiative or social movement, and that’s why they should have power over its development trajectory, and feel invested in its everyday activities.

With Qela we change how you can participate in your organization’s or movement’s life because any contribution matters — from posting about what you believe in on social media to donating to walking on the streets with peaceful protests.

With our app, you can help your organization by completing simple tasks that move it closer to achieving its goals. For that, you will be receiving extra power to influence your movement’s decisions — by getting Vote Weight points that will make your voice more impactful, and develop eight of the skills necessary for every active member of civil society (we call them FREEDOMS talents).